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Fic: Lineage (Sun)

Title: Lineage
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes Sun wonders about what she's passing on to her child, both in Jin and in herself.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost. At all. I wish, but alas...
Author's Note: For psych_30, prompt #21: Rationalization. 30/30, all done now. :)

Sometimes Sun wonders about what she's passing on to her child, both in Jin and in herself. She would like to believe that the readiness with which she had shot that woman was born out of fear. She would love to believe that the ease and efficiency with which Jin did her father’s work was born out of a desire to keep their relationship together.

But she has to wonder if either of them would have been able to do those things if there wasn’t already something in them, something violent, something angry, something desperate.

There wasn’t an angry bone in Jin’s father’s body, but there was in his mother’s. There wasn’t an angry bone in her mother’s body either, but there were more than a few in her father. She refuses, however, to believe that it is that simple, that she will pass on to her own child what her father passed on to her, what he infected the man she loved with.

She has seen the very worst in her father, even from a young age, and she knows that, were it necessary, Jin would be capable of the same kind of violence – and maybe, now, she herself might be as well.

These are the secrets that she, that they, will keep from their child – the secret that her father never bothered to keep from her. Their child would never know, or see, what they were capable of, what had been passed down through them, and maybe, she prayed, that would mean it would never be able to touch them.

It can’t be that simple, she knows. But she hopes.
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