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Fic: Resistance (Jack/Sawyer)

Title: Resistance
Rating: PG
Summary: A very wise man once said, “I can resist everything except temptation.”
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost. At all. I wish, but alas...
Author's Note: Typing up and posting an already-written story doesn't count as writing, does it?

A very wise man once said, “I can resist everything except temptation.” Sawyer thinks, now, that man may have not been just a wise man but the wisest man that ever lived. He cursed that man and his wisdom right now because damned if temptation wasn’t staring him right in the face.

Sawyer was used to being hit on by women. It'd been happening for so many years now, he could predict when it was going to happen before it happened. In fact, one of Sawyer’s favorite games, upon walking into the bar with Jack, was pointing out the three women in the bar who would hit on him before the night was over, grabbing a seat and waiting. Nine times out of ten, he was right.

So, yeah, women he was used to, but men...well, men were a whole different ballgame. The only man he knew what to do with was Jack. It wasn't as though he was the only one that had show interest over the years, but he was the only one who had gained any interest back.

Until now.

At first, Sawyer thought the guy was smooth as hell, an embarrassing copy of himself. But the more determined the guy god, the easier his line was to buy. He didn't know how in the hell that was supposed to work, but he'd used the trick enough times to know that there were people dumb enough to buy it. He just never thought of himself was one of them. He was trying hard, but not obviously, not in any way Sawyer would have been able to recognize had he not spend almost his entire life doing the same thing to women this guy was trying to do to him now.

God, he wished Jack was here. If Jack were here, he wouldn’t care if this guy was Brad fucking Pitt, because he would be standing next to Jack. But Jack was at the hospital late, again, and Sawyer was alone and lonely.

That is why, when his phone sounded, loudly and obnoxiously, within the confides of his jacket pocket, he had to resist the urge to breathe a loud and audible sigh of relief. He snatched it, quickly, from his pocket. It was Jack. Thank god.

“Hey baby,” he answered.

“Baby?” Jack questioned. “Have you been drinking?”

“Not as much as you're think,” Sawyer replied. The guy eyed him like he didn't believe a word he was saying. Sawyer didn't blame him. If the shoe were on the other foot, he'd probably think he was full of shit too. He would have been wrong, though.

“I’m almost off shift,” Jack told him. He could hear a few cars being started and guessed that Jack was in the parking lot. Good. That was good.

“Great, meet me at the bar,” Sawyer said, quickly.

“I’m too exhausted to watch you get hit on tonight Sawyer,” Jack replied.

“I need a ride home, doc,” Sawyer tried harder. Jack was coming, there were no two ways about it. He'd pull out every trick he had if that was what it took, because he needed a reminder of how damn god the man looked sow the guy standing next to him would be blown clear out of the water. He needed it before he did something stupid.


“Baby, please,” he pressed. Sawyer rarely said either of those words by themselves, let alone following each other. As much as Jack denied it, he loved it when Sawyer called him that. The times were few and far between, but his face tended to light up in a way that nothing else could achieve. Mostly, Sawyer just used it to get what he wanted from Jack. He could only hope that it would work this time the way it worked every other time before it.

“Jesus, two in one phone call. You must really want me there,” Jack replied. He sounded exhausted. As much as Sawyer felt badly, he also knew that he needed Jack to rescue him now more than ever.

“You have no idea,” Sawyer said.

“Yeah, alright,” Jack finally agreed, sighing in a very put-upon way. Normally Sawyer would have taken offense to being considered such a chore, but he knew that was just what he was being. That, and it really didn't matter to him if Jack came pissed off as long as he came.


“In and out,” Jack warned. Like Sawyer planned to stay.

“Fine, doc,” Sawyer assured, and breathed as much a sigh of relief as his current, monitored state would allow.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Great, see ya then.”


“Bye, doc,” Sawyer replied, snapping his phone shut and stuffing it back in his pocket. Great. Now all he had to do was wait.



Sawyer was drunk. He just had to be. There was no other way to explain why he was acting so weird. It wasn't the way Sawyer usually acted when he was drunk – which, more often than not, consisted of groping and embarrassingly loud, filthy language – but nothing else made any sense.

Pulling into the bar’s parking lot, Jack sighed at the bar’s closed door. Why Sawyer loved this place so much was completely beyond him . It was dark and dank, the beer was cheap but it tasted like it, and there was always, always a fight. All he could do was thank God Sawyer hadn't been in one of them in moths.

But still, Jack’s idea of unwinding after a long day at work most certainly did not consist of sitting in a dark, humid bar on a worn old stool with a warm beer in his hand, watching two drunks beat the hell out of each other for no good reason – or, even less so, watching his boyfriend get hit on by quite possibly the sluttiest looking women he had ever seen. And deep down, he didn't believe that it was Sawyer's either. He liked this place because the women were easy and the men couldn't shoot pool to save their lives.

Jack killed the engine with yet another sigh and climbed from the car. He looked down at himself. He reeked of sweat and he was still wearing his scrubs. Sawyer hadn't even given him a chance to change. Feeling dirty on top of feeling exhausted certainly wasn't doing anything to improve his already irritated mood.

Sawyer was definitely making this up to him, he decided, reaching for the door’s handle and pulling it open.

It didn’t take him very long to find Sawyer. He was lined up directly with the door, almost purposely. When he saw Jack a look of unmitigated relief passed over his face.

Okay, so he wasn't drunk. But Jack still had to wonder what the hell was wrong with him. He was looking at Jack like had never been so happy to see anyone in his whole life. The closest that Sawyer had ever come to looking at him like that was when he had returned from a week long conference in New York and Sawyer hadn't said a word to him before pulling him into an incredibly painful, demanding kiss and attacked his clothes with his hands.

Jack found it more than a little disturbing that even that wasn't this...intense.

“Your ride's here,” Jack said, still pretty petulant, as he approached Sawyer, who was actively eyeing his scrubs at that point. He did that a lot when Jack was to tired to change before he came home. Even if it was four in the morning, Sawyer usually woke up just to say, “Damn.”

Jack watched Sawyer stand and was all set to turn around and walk out the door when he felt a pair of hands settle on his waist. At which point, he pretty much stopped moving at all. Before his exhausted brain caught up to what was happening, Sawyer had already started to kiss him.

Jack had no fight in his body, so he let Sawyer carry on kissing him until he felt so damn good that he started kissing back. He didn’t even have the presence of mind to be grateful that the bar was nearly deserted – except for one guy who seemed to be watching them – and that the two of them had been here enough to be considered regulars and that anybody else who frequented the place and had seen them together could figure out the lay of the land. He didn’t have the presence of mind to think about anything but kissing Sawyer when he was being kissed by the man – he never had.

“What the hell was that for?” Jack asked, when Sawyer finally let him go. He kept his arms around Jack’s waist, though. Intimacy from Sawyer was very strange. Jack rarely tried for it anymore. They barely ever held hands in public. PDAs were only used for the shock value that they caused, and may God help him if he ever called their dinners together “dates”.

Maybe he was drunk.

“Nothin’,” Sawyer assured. “Just love you.”

Jack’s eyes went involuntarily wide. “Okay, seriously, how many did you have?”

“Just a couple,” Sawyer replied. “Now, you gonna take me home, or what?”

Jack tried to step away, but Sawyer kept his hands on him. Sighing, he gave up, letting Sawyer manhandle him all the way out the door and to the car.

“Okay, if you aren’t drunk, what is wrong with you?” Jack stopped Sawyer by pressing him against the car’s back good.

“You see that guy staring at us?” Sawyer asked, suddenly sounding…normal. Jack regarded the sudden change, and the question, curiously for a moment, before sighing and nodding.

“He was a little hard to miss, yeah,” he replied. Sawyer glanced over his shoulder, at the bar’s entrance, before his eyes found Jack’s again. And man, did he look annoyed. And tired. And, when Sawyer remembered that Jack was wearing those damn scrubs and currently had him pretty well pinned to the car, well…his mind started to wander.


“He’s been hittin’ on me all night,” Sawyer finally admitted. And he had to admit, it sounded damn embarrassing once had had.

And Jack, damn him, just couldn’t make it easy on him. He laughed and shook his head. Sawyer scowled at him, but Jack ignored him and kept smiling.

“So, what, I was rescuing you?”

Sawyer’s jaw tightened and his earlier urge to pull Jack closer was replaced by one to push him away. He settled, though, for trying to make Jack feel guilty for making fun of him by pouting at him and saying, “Pretty much.”

Jack laughed again and this time Sawyer did shove him away. And then he reached out and grabbed the edge of Jack’s shirt, pulling him back.

“You love getting hit on, Sawyer,” Jack said, wrapping his arms around Sawyer’s neck. “I was under the impression that's why we spend so much time in this dive. What’s so different about this time?”

“I like ‘this dive’,” Sawyer replied defensively. Still pouting. It wasn’t working. Jack didn’t look guilty. He just looked amused and smug.

“I asked a question Sawyer,” Jack reminded him gently.

Sawyer sighed. “I ain’t used to guys, doc,” Sawyer said. Jack still looked skeptical. It was moments like this when Sawyer really wished that Jack was as gullible as he looked. He sighed again. “Looking I’m tryin’ to be honest with you, so don’t go getting’ pissed and just listen, alright?”

Jack raised an amused eyebrow at Sawyer. “You have to say something.”

Sawyer scowled back at him, but Jack waited, patiently, smiling all the while. Sawyer shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. “You’ve been gone, a lot. You ain’t there when I wake up, I’m asleep when you get home…we keep missin’ each other.”

“You were attracted to him,” Jack filled in the blanks. But he didn’t sound angry. And he was still smiling. Sawyer looked at him sideways.

“Yeah,” he admitted. Jack just nodded back. “So, why aren’t we fightin’?”

“You expect me to be mad at you for being attracted to someone else?” Jack asked with a small laugh. Sawyer could only nod back, a little dumbfounded. “You’re human, Sawyer. I expect it. It doesn’t mean you’re going to do anything. If you had really wanted it, I wouldn't be here. But you asked me to come, and you asked me to take you home.”

Sawyer shrugged, not knowing how to react to Jack’s confidence. He didn’t know why Jack’s trust made him so uncomfortable, but he did. “I was tempted,” he said.

Jack just shook his head, his smile growing a little. “Last week, a patient of mine asked me out for coffee. She was cute, blonde, smart, you know, my type. Was I tempted? Sure. But I told her that I had a boyfriend. You called me down here. What you did matters to me a whole hell of a lot more than what you could have done.”

Sawyer opened his mouth to say something, but quickly closed it again. He had no right to be stung by the fact that a patient had made a pass at Jack, and more than that, he realized that Jack was probably right. There was no use in kicking his own ass for something he hadn't even done. When he came right down to it, he had walked away, and he had walked away with Jack.

“So, she was cute, huh?” Sawyer joked.

Jack laughed. “Yeah,” he replied, wrapping his arms around Sawyer’s waist. “But don’t worry. You’re cuter.” Sawyer rolled his eyes at Jack, but smiled. “What about that guy?”

With a chuckle, Sawyer shook his head. “Doc,” he said. “Ever since you walked in that door, in those damn scrubs, I can’t, for the life of me, remember what in the hell he even looked like.”

Jack chuckled back and shook his head back. “Yeah?” he asked.

“Damn right,” Sawyer replied, suddenly painfully aware that he was surrounded, at all angles, by Jack.


“Yeah, doc?”

“Are you ready to get out of here now?”

Sawyer smirked at Jack. “Unless you’ve got any more questions...”

Jack smiled and reaching to his side, popping open the passenger side door. “Let’s go home,” he said, brushing Sawyer’s lips with his before rounding the car and getting in himself.

A wise man once said, “I can resist except temptation.” Looking over at Jack, with a smile on his face, in those damned irresistible scrubs, Sawyer realized that wise man was full of shit.
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