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Drabble: ...Women (Wash, Mal)

Title: ...Women
Rating: PG
Summary: “How did we start talkin' about me? I don’t wanna talk about me.”
Disclaimer: I own Firefly as much as I own Veronica Mars and Lost. Which is not at all.
Author's Note: For foxxcub, who wanted Mal and Wash, talking about women. I gave it my level best. This was my first time trying to write Firefly, so if it sounds off, well, that's why. I'm still feeling it out. But here it is, nonetheless. I hope you liked it.



“What’s yours angry about?”

“Inara isn’t…who knows with that woman. She drives me…she’s nuts.”

“Maybe it has something to do with the fact that every other word that comes out of your mouth directed at her is some sort of vailed, or not so vailed, insult.”

“I do not insult Inara.”

“You’ve called her a whore to her face, Mal. Women tend to remember that sort of thing.”

“How did we start talkin' about me? I don’t wanna talk about me.”

“We were talking about Inara. Jeez, no wonder you’re hiding from her in here.”

“I’m not hiding.”

“Okay, fine, I’m hiding. But I’m not hiding alone. What did you do?”

“Well, I had the audacity to suggest, yet again, that we take some time off from robbing from the rich and giving to ourselves, and go on a short vacation. Your name was mentioned, several times, and I may have had a small anyurism because the next thing I knew, I was in here.”

“Can’t afford a vaction now. Zoe knows that.”

“So I’ve heard. Still, it would be nice-”

“It would be nice if I wasn’t hidin’ on my own damn boat, but here we are. Lotsa things’d be nice, but lotsa those things ain’t gonna be happenin’.”

“Yeah, well, her hiding behind ‘Captain’s orders’ tends to get on my last nerve, is all.”

“Yeah, well…women.”

Tags: fic, firefly, firefly fic, firefly fic: mal, firefly fic: wash

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