May 25th, 2007

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Fic: Infatuation (Kate/Sawyer, Alex/Sawyer)

Title: Infatuation
Rating: PG
Summary: It starts out simple, harmless even. She laughs at jokes he makes that no one else will laugh at, not even Kate. Then she makes a few that he laughs back at.
Disclaimer: I do not own Lost. At all. I wish but alas...
Author's Note: Thanks to holycitygirl, who wrote Alex/Sawyer first and pretty much made me want to try it too. :D I didn't know how to write this pairing without feeling creepy, so can we all agree amongst ourselves that, for the purpose of such fics, Alex is a few years older than canon tells us she is? Cool. This fic also won 'Best Het Fic' in the July round of voting at lost_fic_awards.

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