May 21st, 2007

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Fic: Inertia (Jack/Sawyer)

Title: Inertia
Rating: PG-13/R
Summary: Jack didn’t want to go back to LA. That was what he said when the rescue boat had docked on the coast of Tahiti and his feet here finally back on solid, immobile ground – with Sawyer’s feet right next to them.
Disclaimer: I don't own Lost. At all. I wish, but alas...
Author's Note: For elise_509. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Also used for philosophy_20, prompt #4: inertia.

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Drabble: Childhood Living (Zoe, Wash/Zoe)

Title: Childhood Living
Rating: PG
Summary: He was perfect. Everyone said that about their children, she knew, and she knew why. And like every mother before her, she believed that she was right.
Disclaimer: I own Firefly as much as I own Veronica Mars and Lost. Which is not at all.
Author's Note: I wrote Firefly again. :) And it was fun.

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